Twin Registry Must Haves: The Ultimate Guide for Newborn Twins

Being a twin mama can be one of the most rewarding, yet overwhelming experiences When it comes to know what supplies you’ll need, don’t fret!

To ensure your babies (and you!) stay calm and content. I’ve few must-have products for any expecting twin mom. From diaper bags designed specifically for multiples, to brilliant strollers that make hopping around town easier than ever.

Gear up with these essential items and start your motherhood journey feeling prepared and confident!


Table of Contents

  • 1. Halo Bassinest Twin Sleeper
  • 2. Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle
  • 3. Twin Z Pillow
  • 4. Unimom Opera Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump
  • 5. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced
  • 6. Twin Daily Journal
  • 7. Baby Bouncers
  • 8. Weego Twin Baby Carrier
  • 9. Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Seats with Bases
  • 10. Twin Stroller – Mountain Buggy Nano Duo
  • 11. MiniMonkey Twin Baby Carrier
  • 12. Twin Diaper Bag – JJ Cole Caprice
  • 13. Cloth Diapers
  • 14. Large Size Play Mat

Recently, I was questioned about the twin baby gear that would be on my buying list if I ever found myself expecting twins again. Now that my twins are seven (eeek! ), there are numerous goods on the market that weren’t accessible when I was buying for my daughters. Getting pregnant with twins for the first time can be very overwhelming.

There are currently so many goods available. It makes sense that you, mama, are perplexed. Your question has caused me to reflect. When it comes to twins, hindsight is especially lovely! So I reasoned, having experienced the infant stage with my two and having the advantage of hindsight. So I reasoned, having experienced the infant stage with my two and having the advantage of hindsight.

What supplies would I buy if I were to become pregnant with twins once more?

I thought I would share with you some of my all-time favorite twin things that helped me during those fuzzy days with brand-new twins. Is it true that newborn twins only sleep, feed, and require cuddles?

  1. Sleeping
  2. Feeding
  3. Nurturing
  4. Getting out to the world

So let’s see…..


Twin Sleep


According to international standards, newborns should spend at least their first six months of life in the same room as their parents. I anticipated that having my twins at home would make it difficult to get any sleep. Since I was  interested in anything that would make caring for my newborn twins simpler. It will be much easier for you to get some rest yourself during those first few months if your twins sleep right next to your bed at night. Feeding at night becomes considerably simpler. You and your lover won’t even need to get out of bed if you have your diapers and supplies close by. Your twins will also appear to be more relaxed. After a feed, you can give them a light pat or sing them a lullaby to assist them fall back asleep, which will make it much easier to put them back to sleep. The Baby Trend Twins Nursery Center and the Graco Pack n Play are two other twin bassinets that are popular with twin mothers.



When you are a parent of newborn twins, sleep becomes a distant memory. Before having children, you used to do that thing. You’ll want to do all it takes to put those adorable newborns to sleep so you can get some rest before the cycle of changing, feeding, and sleeping all over again. Whoever thought of using white noise to put newborns to sleep is a complete genius. When I learned I was pregnant twins, the first thing I bought was a white noise machine. Knowing that I would be raising these newborn twins alone made me acutely aware of the reality that sleep, or the lack thereof, would be my deadliest enemy. When I learned I was pregnant twins, the first thing I bought was a white noise machine. Knowing that I would be raising these newborn twins alone made me acutely aware of the reality that sleep, or the lack thereof, would be my deadliest enemy.

I invested in the fantastic Homedics White Noise Machine, which I used regularly for at least a year with my daughters. Then, it was quite helpful if kids were experiencing wakeful periods, if there were nearby fireworks, or if we went on vacation. If you play it loud enough, everything else simply disappears. Since then, I’ve learned about this incredible little thing called the Baby Shusher – The Sleep Miracle.


Something about the sound of “shhh, shhh, shhh” soothes and settles infants.


Feeding Twins


There is a reason why twin moms love using this fantastic twin nursing pillow so much. It serves as more than simply a twin breastfeeding pillow. Even if you are NOT expecting to nurse your twins, then I would still highly recommend you include it to your list of twin baby things to buy. First off, the Twin Z is unquestionably great for tandem feeding twins and has improved the breastfeeding experiences of thousands of twin mothers.

It is excellent for bottle feeding in pairs. While you wear the pillow, you can have them lying on either side of you. Or, another person might easily feed them while sitting on the couch or floor with a pillow in front of them.

The Twin Z can also be used as an incredibly comfortable spot for your twins to relax after a feeding, while you are bathing one of the twins, or while you are changing one twin. I adorably refer to it as a twins portable docking station. With newborn twins, one thing you are constantly considering is “what do I do with the other one” whether you are changing, snuggling, or bathing one. When only one of you is available to care for both babies, it is ideal.



Purchasing a high-quality breast pump pays off if you intend to breastfeed your twins. You’ll most likely use the Medela Symphony while in the hospital. Furthermore, even though you can rent these pumps to use at home for a few months, the rental fee might add up quickly.

Also, if your twins are only being breastfed and bottle-fed or if your babies are premature, you might discover that you need to use it for longer than a few months.

The newest product from Unimom is the Unimom Opera, and since twin mothers adore the Unimom Forte, choosing this newer pump for prolonged pumping would be easy.



This Baby Brezza product is comparable to a twin-sized Nespresso machine (without the caffeine)! Imagine being able to measure, mix, and reheat BOTH of your babies’ bottles from beginning to end in less than two minutes. simply just pressing a button. Would that utterly shock you? When I had two hungry babies waiting for me to make their bottles at three in the morning, that Surely would have rocked my world. It’s not a pretty sight.



Taking care of newborn twins during their first few precious months might seem thrilling, overwhelming, and amazing. It will be a BIG task with a lot to remember and learn as you get to know your twins and learn how to be a twin mom. The likelihood that you will recall which twin had or did what during the day is almost Nil when sleep deprivation is included. It is challenging enough to keep track of one baby’s feeding, sleeping, and health difficulties, let alone TWO. Yet, you are expected to inform your midwife, GP, or pediatrician about your babies’ progress at each appointment. A Twin Daily Journal can help in that situation. You can keep track of all the tiny things that occur throughout the course of each of your twins’ days, and it helps to be able to look back over a few days to see if schedules or feeding times need to be adjusted. Also, it provides you with something great to remember after your children are older.



For twin mothers, baby bouncers act as an extra pair of hands. Particularly in the early months when they are still too young to desire to play about on a baby mat. These are among those things that would be good to have even if you only have one child. Yet they are crucial when there are twins. Once your twins are born, you’ll need to consider where you’ll place the second child while you take care of the other one’s needs (such as feeding, changing, diapering, and bathing). Baby bouncers or seats are an excellent method to keep your infants safe and occupied as you make bottles, feed, change, or fold laundry since they can see you. Due to the fact that they are maintained somewhat upright after feedings, they can also aid with reflux and particularly spilly newborns. I had two for my daughters, each with a small toy inside. These were great for soothing them in the afternoons if they were feeling a little grouchy or if they were having trouble falling asleep in their bed that day because they also played music and vibrated. Even if one of my kids was at my feet in the bouncer while I was giving the other one a top-up bottle, I could still be singing or chatting to her. When you have twins, you really do develop into the multitasking queen!



Nurturing Twins


What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and learn about the Weego Twin Carrier when my daughters were infants. The first six months of my life as a new mother of twins would have been SO MUCH BETTER without this carrier. It is difficult to take care of newborn twins, and it will seem like you are spending a lot of time soothing and relaxing them. It makes sense to “wear” your twins as much as you can during the first few months because of this. The advantages of babywearing have also been thoroughly studied. It not only facilitates bonding, which is frequently more challenging when two babies need to be cared for. Also, it may make it easier for YOU to leave the house during those first few months, which will be very beneficial for your mental health.



Getting out with Twins


When you take your twins out , you’ll have a whole new level of flexibility if you start out by putting them in infant seats rather than fixed car seats. With my daughters, I utilized the Maxi Cosi infant seats and had a base for each of them. In the blog post I wrote titled “Setting Up a Twin Travel System,” I discuss the significance of creating a twin “travel system” where everything works together to build a system that will change and develop along with your infants. The baby seats from Maxi Cosi are among the lightest on the market, which is why I adored them. And you need the Baby seat to be as big as possible when you’re carrying two babies. You want the infant seat to be as light as possible while still offering the highest level of safety and protection when you have two babies to hold. Moreover, I wholeheartedly advise getting bases to go with your infant seats. The amount of time it takes to get in and out of the automobile will significantly decrease. You must bear in mind that when you are loading one infant into the automobile, you must also ensure the safety of the other baby. With bases, it is far faster to just click the capsule into the base than to bother about seatbelts and make sure they are fastened.



The most significant and likely most expensive item on your list of twin baby items to buy is a stroller. It will be beneficial to comparison shop and give your intended use of the stroller some thought before making a purchase. Parents of twins who prefer side-by-side strollers and those who prefer inline strollers appear to have very different preferences. I am firmly in favor of twin strollers that can be used side by side. You’ll use your tandem stroller for WAY longer than you would for a singleton, so make sure there’s adequate room for your twin toddlers’ legs. Reduce the risk, mom; you will be the one who has to act as the referee and remember who gets to sit at the front. Trust me; your mind will already be overloaded with other things, so you won’t have time to add this to the list. My girls and I rode in a Mountain Buggy Duet, which I adored. Though it is lighter than the duet, if I had more time I would look for the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo. The Mountain Buggy Twin Strollers offer the advantage of having the same frame width as a single stroller, allowing you to fit anywhere with a single stroller.



As this carrier didn’t exist while my daughters were young, it was just introduced a few years ago. I ADORE the thought of being able to see both infants and being able to kiss them. At roughly 5 to 6 months of age, when your twins have outgrown the Weego Twin Carrier, I would recommend the MiniMonkey Twin. It can be challenging to transport two infants, particularly on days when you have to go for shopping, or visit friends or playgroups. There are just some situations where carrying them will be preferable to pushing your enormous double stroller. Particularly for brief stays. You will find it to be lot simpler if you use a twin carrier like the MiniMonkey. Trust me.



When you have one infant, a diaper bag is pretty much a need. But it becomes even more crucial when there are twins. You’ll have a ton of belongings to transport, especially in the beginning when you’ll want to be ready for anything. Increase the number of diapers, clothes changes, wipes, bottles, and so forth by twofold. You require a bag that is big enough to hold everything you need. Also, in a perfect world, it would include attachments that would accommodate your twin stroller. Many twin parents, in my experience, swear by utilizing a backpack since it frees up their hands. But because I also carried my purse, phone, and vehicle keys in my diaper bag, I didn’t like the idea of concealing those goods on my back. With my daughters, I used the JJ Cole Caprice diaper bag and adored it. It included numerous pockets, two bottle holders, and all the space I required. The JJ Cole Caprice or the Skip Hop Double Duo, both of which has adaptors to hang on to a twin stroller and different strap options for carrying, would be my choices if I were to have twins once again today.



I understand that adding it to a top 14 list of twin-related purchases seems strange. But bear with me. Those vintage cotton diapers that our parents would have worn as diapers before disposables got popular are what I mean when I say “cloth diapers.” the big white brushed cotton squares. There are numerous applications for these items.

Even now, I still keep some in my cupboard and occasionally use them.



And finally, but by no means least… I would absolutely purchase a huge playmat that can accommodate both of your infants. Having a playmat for your baby to rest on is crucial after they are a little more aware of their environment and can go longer between feedings. They get a new change of scenery in addition to some fun. The most precious thing in the world is watching your twins begin to engage with one another on their mat. To give them both a space to gaze about, you should seek for a mat with two play zones or two overhanging bars. Fisher-Price Deluxe was what I had. For my daughters, I purchased the Fisher-Price Deluxe Gym. Nonetheless, I would also consider the Baby Einstein version. Alternatively, if wooden is more your taste, these wooden play gyms can easily accommodate two infants. So there you have it—my list of the top 14 items you must include on your twin shopping list to make it easier for you to discover this blog article later, feel free to save it .


Items to Skip

Rocking chair or glider

Before you found out there were multiples in your near future, you may have imagined yourself cuddled up with your little bundle in a cozy rocker. It’s a sweet image—and of course you’ll have plenty of cuddle time—but here’s the thing: You likely can’t all fit comfortably together in one glider or rocker. Skip the chair and splurge instead on an oversized loveseat or a small couch that’ll make room for everyone in your fast-expanding family.


Double breastfeeding pillow

A double breastfeeding pillow seems like a brilliant idea, but the truth is a single breastfeeding pillow, often paired with a regular firm pillow, can do the job just as well.



Skip anything that warms: wipe warmers, bottle warmers, food warmers. With two babies, you’ll already need plenty of gear, so it’s important to keep it simple whenever you can. Warmers take up space and add time to your routine—two things you definitely want to avoid. Plus, many warmers only warm up one item at a time, making them impractical for twins or multiples.


Bottle props

Even if you master the challenge of breastfeeding two babies at once, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to use a bottle of pumped milk or formula—and you may want bottle props for this. However useful they may seem, it’s best to leave these off your twin baby registry. Bottle props are not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as they can increase babies’ risk of choking and ear infections.


What do mothers of twins need most?

List the gifts most new parents can give to their twins, triples, or older children. . Offer for support. … Lightweight umbrella scooter. … nursing bed pillows. … Seats. Bouncers. … The feet are rattled. … Custom gifts and gifts for twins. … It will be a moms thing. … Tell me about the story of clothing. Give a little advice. … Light weight umbrella scooter. … Nurse pillows or bop. … Seats for Rollovers. … Those feet. … Custom gift sets or twin themes. = = = = = What about moms? … Tell me the story behind the clothes.


What gear should I have for twins?

It’s certainly essential items like two cars and two baby beds. It isn’t necessary to get one out. Sometimes babies aren’t so fond of jumping on a swing.


When should I start buying baby stuff for twins?

When should you start your purchase? Having twins can make it difficult for you to sleep as your body ages, which makes the 2nd trimester an ideal time.


Should you buy two of everything for twins?

It’s not necessary to get a whole lot. You learn some of your skills which will definitely improve in some areas. Things you’ll usually find on baby store shelves is a question of preference. It is impossible to find out what works until the first child is born.


What is the best twin pregnancy?

A twin pregnancy with two placentatous and two amniotic sacs would be an ideal twin pregnancy because both children have their own nutrients and protective membranes. Several placental and a stent are found. If you had a pregnancy with an amniotic sac or a placenta, it would be likely to be identical to a twin.


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