How to burp a sleeping baby without waking them


If you’re looking for ways to burp a sleeping baby without waking them, I have some very effective tips here.

Burps are natural release valves that allow air bubbles trapped inside their body when they were fasting or sleeping deeply enough without moving much at all until suddenly starting up again after awhile away from food sources like breast milk and formula drinks!

The best way to burp a sleeping baby without waking them is by using the “abdominal massage” technique. This method works well with most children, but it’s not fool proof and parents may need try different methods until they find one that suits both child and caregiver alike!

The first thing you should know about burping your sleeping  baby without waking him  is that it’s not just for show. Burps are actually effective ways to help them sleep better, and may even prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). For more information on how-to chores in order make sure their tummy feels happy stay tuned because we’ll be sharing some tips soon!

Shoulder burping method- Burp a sleeping baby

Hold the baby at shoulder level, positioning their head just above the shoulders. Make sure that there is space between your hands so they don’t get squashed or trimmed off by accident! Rubbing/patting will help them burp out any extra air from around stomach area

With our patented shoulder burping method, you can easily and comfortably burp your baby without ever having to wake them up. Try our shoulder burping method today and see how much easier life can be!

Burping your baby is not always easy but there are many ways you can make it easier. You could lift them up to an upright position and keep them on either side of your chest or sternum area if this feels more comfortable for both parent(s) as well as child; alternatively- Babies like curling their legs into the frog pose which will allow some extra room under those chucky shoulders! If all else fails just wait patiently while they finally release that gas from between meals (you know who I’m talking about).


Lap Method- Burp a sleeping baby

Face down method: There are many ways to burp your baby, and one of the most popular is by laying them face down on your lap with their head turned towards you. Gently pat or rub away any gas that may be trapped in this position while making sure they’re steady enough not fall off! The lap method is a great way to keep your baby asleep if they are in an upright position. It does not require that you have them sit up, which may be more soothing for the little one! Gently turn over and rest on one arm while holding onto their chest with another hand; this will make sure there isn’t any sudden movements or twists when falling asleep at night time.


Massage is a great way to help your new-born relax and let go of some stress. The more you do it, the better! Try strokes where you move from just above their belly button towards hips in one smooth motion- this will soothe them greatly while also building confidence with calming techniques for any future needs on those sleepless nights when babies won’t stop crying (I know all too well).

The baby massage method


What to Do If Baby Won’t Burp

Make sure you’re slightly cupping your hand as you pat baby’s back and aim between the shoulder blades. Try another position, like sitting on a couch with an arm around them or holding them. Try some different techniques!

For smaller babies, the arm hold method can be useful. For older or larger kids it may not always work out so well- try laying them down instead!

To modify a baby’s position so that it is more comfortable, place one arm under their back and rest the child’s weight onto your forearm. The new-born may already be in this position during feeding time because they like being held close! Carefully turn them around until they’re resting comfortably with head cradled between both arms.

Burping your baby during and after feeding can be helpful if they don’t burp right away. This is because sometimes it takes a little persistence to get them started. But once you do there will always come out with an awesome blare of air! You may need these simple tips when trying: offer water or juice instead of breast milk; try varying the angle at which you hold their head while nursing (sometimes standing up straight makes all difference)


How to relax with the baby

While burping a sleeping baby ,the yoga ball is great for helping you relax and release tension.  The rocking chair will help soothe your soul after a long day. You can even bounce him gently in his arms when he needs some extra attention!


Identify a baby with trapped air/gas

Babies who cry for more than three hours in a day might have gas from swallowing too much air.  Which can make them even less comfortable. Using anti-gas drops has not proven to be an effective way of treating colic or any other issue related with stomach pain and vomiting – some medicines found within this category could actually harm your baby! Contact a paediatrician if needed.

The baby cries and calls mom from a bed



There are a number of ways to burp your baby without waking them, but no method is fool proof. You may need to experiment with different methods . Find which one works for you both as well as the child’s needs! Still worried that your baby isn’t burping enough because he’s asleep?

The best way to help your baby sleep is by eliminating any discomfort. This means that if they are fussing or crying , you should take care off what’s making them unhappy. So it doesn’t continue disrupting their rest cycle.

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