How to give new born a sponge bath


Have you ever wondered how to give newborn a  sponge bath? It’s something that might be passed along in passing as your little one leaves the hospital: “Oh just give them this for their first few weeks of life,” or “Just do soothing sponges until his/her cords fall out.” But what does it mean, a true mother’s intuition tells us there is more than meets

A sponge bath is a fantastic way to keep your baby clean and fresh. Here are the steps for how to give your baby a sponge bath. Your baby will feel refreshed and clean after a sponge bath


Simple steps to give your new-born a sponge bath.

What is a sponge bath and how does it compare with other types of baths? The sponge bath is a great way to give your baby that all-over wash and rinse without having them get wet or messy. You simply lay them down on the towel, giving you more time with each area of their body!


When and why new born need a sponge bath

The American Academy of Paediatrics says that you should give your new born a sponge bath until the umbilical cord stump falls away. On average, it takes about 2 weeks for this to happen but sometimes babies can be cleaned earlier or later than what’s normal without any problems – anywhere between 5-15 days after they’re born is typical though!



Make a sponge bath easy and fun by having all your supplies on hand before you start. Here’s what you’ll need:
A large bowl of warm water, two towels, one for helping wipe off excess liquid from baby’s skin (warmer if needed) Gentle baby soap or shampoo , Clean diapers to change, Clean set of dress.



First, you must undress them and lay the child on their back onto one towel with another towelling covering top-to-woollen loop shoulders if needed so they don’t get cold during this process! Next, take two cotton balls dipped in water clean from the nose towards the outer eye. Then with the wet washcloth wipe the face and ears gently.When cleaning a newborn, pay attention to the little creases under their arms and around their diaper area as well as any spaces between fingers or toes. After wiping with soap on one side of an uncovered limb then wiping off excess liquid using another clean cloth is the best practice for getting all parts cleaned without worrying too much about delicate skin being irritated by harsh cleansers since they will be covered up again soon anyway!


How to keep the supplies clean

Keeping bathing supplies clean is a challenge. After each use, hang up the towels and washcloths in an area where they can air-dry. Expose to sunlight whenever  you can Damp clothes are breeding grounds for microorganisms that may cause infection. After each use, you will have to launder the towels


How often the new born need the sponge bath

It is good to give them a sponge every day if you have time. It can be a bonding time and an exercise too.


When to use the bath tub

Babies can transition from a baby tub to other types of baths once their umbilical cord falls off. If you have any concerns about your new-born’s health or well-being. You shouldn’t take this step until those issues are resolved first!

Do you know that bink sound? The one your baby makes when they are happy and satisfied with their surroundings. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled this little person would be if we were to give them a bath in our sink full of water! These precautions will help keep both child and parent safe from slipping or falling off while getting ready for Bathing Day (Yes…I am aware it’s probably not the best idea).
Adhere strictly to these guidelines: One hand on top at all times; never lift the baby above the shoulder height.



Now that you’ve given the baby a sponge bath. Enjoy the feel of a clean baby. Breathe it in! And when you’re done cuddling,  your baby is safe with a partner or sleeping in your sight. Treat yourself as well. Thanks for reading our guide on how to give your new born a sponge bath – we hope you found it helpful!

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