How to dress a newborn in summer


Knowing how to dress your newborn in summer and winter is mostly about preparation. Layers are key, because if you’re cold then chances are they will be too! And while it may seem confusing at first why certain outfits work better than others in different conditions, remember that one of the most important parts when caring for any child during wintertime or summer heatstroke alike isn’t just what clothes make them feel good on dry skin-but also which ones keep their body temperature stable so he/she stays comfortable regardless.


Winter dress code

One of the most important parts about wintertime is making sure your baby stays warm and cosy. For starters, we recommend using layers for their clothing- it’s always best to start out with thin cotton clothes that will trap in as much heat between them as possible! You can also layer up other accessories like snowsuits if they’re going outside on very cold days/nights where mittens may not cut enough ice coverage needed due powerless hands (plus those extra fingers come handy!). Last but certainly not least make certain you cover up those fragile little digits by doing what feels right: gloves or socks over top regular handwarmers.


Safety guidelines in the car

But what about outside? I know you’re out in the chilly air with your bundle, so don’t forget to bring a blanket or rain cover for them too! If it’s just blankets from home that will do – make sure they stay warm by wrapping themselves up nice an cozy before getting buckled back into their car seat. And remember: always follow safety belt guidelines when driving as well-even if mother nature doesn’t cooperate like this time around (she was cooperative!)


Maintain the temperature

In winter or summer, try to keep the room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. To make sure your baby is comfortable without overheating him in an excess of heaters at night time (which can harm new-borns), check his neck for dampness when you change him before bedtime – if there’s too much moisture then use a dry onesie instead!


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome-causes

Keep your baby warm but don’t use blankets at naps and bedtime! Use a sleeper or sleep sack instead of borrowing the heating effect from clothing that gets too hot for safety.

Mummy’s notes: You should also make sure you’re not over-folding their mattress with soft materials like pillows, comforters etc.; this increases risk factors associated SIDS.



Fans are a great way to keep baby cool and they can be put on near the crib, rotating or otherwise manipulated in order increase air circulation. This is especially useful at night when you want your little one sleeping soundly without any fuss from heat waves coming through their window!


Use pure cotton stuff

Make sure the materials are loose and breathable pure cotton stuff for your baby. If not, they need to be extremely sun-resistant like in hot climates where skin cancer can occur easily without protection from harmful UV rays.


Adequate shades

Your newborn doesn’t need all covered up but it’s important that you take note of their exposure while outdoors so there isn’t a burn or other injury caused by too much time under shining lights


Routines! Routines! and routines!!!

Routines are your friend! You’ll want to establish some routines when you have young children. Otherwise, days can feel like they’re dragging on forever, and it’s tough not knowing what is coming up next in the daily planner or schedule that seems so confusing at first glance. Rhythms make our lives easier by giving us predictability which helps reduce stress levels– THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT TIP FOR YOU!!

A good bedtime routine will help kids wind down before sleep a little better each night; reading them books reminds me of my childhood years. Thanks to my mum!!

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