How to burp a new born that won’t burp


When your baby is hungry, tired, or distracted it can be hard for them to burp. But you don’t need to worry because there are ways that will help get the job done! You’ll know if their Burps stuck with loud and distressed crying so listen up mommy- daddy; this one’s all yours
The first step in saving yourself from being frustrated by fussing over nothing while trying hopelessly patting down firm

When you pat your baby on the back of their ribs, it can lead to them not burping. But if this is something that’s been happening and isn’t working for some reason (maybe they’re too old), then there may be an easier way! “The most common mistake I see parents doing when trying to get their children out of bed or otherwise stimulate them during nap time [and] early

You might not be able to see or feel any gas when it escapes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening in your baby’s digestive system. If you’re dealing with a new-born who is content and breathing easily without needing help from others everything will go smoothly as long as their feed is regular.


Keep the new-born in a carrier

When you need to do chores around the house, wear your baby in a carrier while they are fed. This will help keep them upright and moving which can assist with digestion due to its natural position that is similar to when we sit up straight ourselves at our desk jobs!


Wait for some time soon after a feed

It can be hard to get your baby burped when they’re sleeping. You might think that it’s just a matter of getting them undressed and taking their bottle away but then you find yourself trying unsuccessfully at every opportunity for 15 minutes before giving up, which is not something any new parent wants! But don’t worry; there are ways around this problem (and believe me – I’ve tried everything). For starters: wait patiently while he/she wakes themselves up with those blessed little teeth marks on Mommy’s breast or tummy button…After waking slowly from his first slumber in weeks.


Keep moving after a feed

Burping is a really important part of healthy digestion “Getting up and down can help release the gas that’s been sitting in your stomach!” Try moving around after you eat with little ones who need more space in the tummy

The easiest way to help your baby digest food is by burping them often. Burps will guide their lungs and GI tract through the process quickly so they don’t get too full before getting everything out! You can also try stopping every 2-3 ounces when bottle feeding, or even just switching breasts at mealtime for an extra boost.
Constantly aware of what kind (or type) milk works best with each child since this could depend on things like age-old standby: gender differences.


Infant massage

Infant massage is a great way to help your baby relax and feel comfortable. You can do this by gently pressing down on their abdomen, or massaging in a clockwise motion with one hand while holding up both knees tightly against the other side of the body so they are bicycle stretches. It’s best if you try out different techniques until find what works best for each child.

The baby massage method


Use Gripe water

Gripe water is a cure-all for everything from colicky babies to gas pains. But, Always consult the doctor before giving anything to your new-born

Hold the baby upright

This is a great way to encourage your little one’s burps! Try holding them upright on your shoulder or in the seat and give their back clear massages from the belly up towards the neck.



As you spend more time with your baby, the best way to discover their preferred burping technique  is by paying close attention. If they are fussy after a feed then try moving them around in bed. When laying down that seems uncomfortable for both of us (or just one!) .There might be something going on beneath our skin level which needs treating! As his digestion improves and he has a better ability to expel gas, You’ll soon be able to stop these endless burping sessions. But don’t forget that this stage will pass and his digestive system gets better with time.

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