Best baby travel systems of 2022


Best travel system overall: Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

Best travel system for infants: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Best car seat stroller combo for travel: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best option for twins: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Best budget-friendly travel system: Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

Next affordable travel system : Summer Myria Modular Travel System

Best easy-install travel system: Graco Modes Nest Travel System

Best splurge travel system: UPPAbaby Cruz Performance Travel System

Best for city living: Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base

Best lightweight travel system: BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Best 5-in-1 travel system: Maxi-Cosi Zelia²Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

Best Jogging Stroller Travel System: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Easiest to Fold Travel System: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Travel System – Opulent Black




  • Stroller
  • Car Seat
  • Base
  • Bassinet ( some travel systems will include this piece)



While the car seat is very age specific, the stroller typically can be used beyond the car seat age. This is something to consider because you may want to use the stroller after your baby has grown beyond the infant car seat. If you’re looking to buy just one stroller but don’t mind upgrading your car seat as needed a travel system stroller may be a good option.

The components or specifics of the stroller should also be considered before finalizing your purchase.


Other stroller components to consider are:

  • Storage: Most have a basket for bottom storage but may also include an option to hang the diaper bag. For days when you will be out for a while, this storage becomes very important.
  • Cupholders: Most come with cupholders, either in the handle or attached. You will want these for bottles, sippy cups, and the occasional coffee of yours that makes it out the door before cold.
  • Flexibility or adjustable seating: Some seats can fold down, or carry two children at once. If you have other children or plan to, it is smart to look into attachment options for the system you choose, like standing boards.
  • Ease of travel: Consider how the stroller breaks down to travel with, the overall weight, and how easy it is to use. No matter how cool it is or what unique features are included, if you can’t easily use it there’s no reason to have it. Parenthood is hard enough!


What is a travel system?

While car seats and strollers are two separate items, when you have a newborn you may want to use your infant’s car seat as the seat on top of your stroller to give them a safer ride.

That’s why manufacturers invented the travel system, an infant (rear-facing) car seat and stroller combination (aka car seat stroller combo).

A travel system’s car seat is created to clip right on to a matching stroller. The best part? You’ll purchase both pieces together in a one-and-done fashion.


Why consider a car seat stroller combo?

The majority of strollers on the market are meant for babies who are already sitting up, a milestone most don’t master until about 6 months of age.

So unless you purchase a stroller with a bassinet, your baby is going to spend the majority of their traveling time in their car seat — or being carried.

A travel system allows you to easily transfer your baby from the car to the stroller without having to move or reposition them — something that especially comes in handy when they’re peacefully snoozing away.

Additionally, travel systems tend to cost less than purchasing a stroller and car seat separately — yes, please! And when you consider that travel systems are designed to transition from infancy through toddlerhood, you could end up saving a lot of dough in the long run.


Safety check

If you’re purchasing a brand-new travel system, you can rest assured that it will meet all current safety standards and protocols.

However, if you’re being handed down a travel system from a family member, friend, or through a digital marketplace, it’s worthwhile to check that it’s not under recall. You can check the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)’s list, or the list at Safe Kids Worldwide.

Additionally, always adhere to the manufacturer’s weight limits for car seats and strollers to ensure your little one’s safety.

Mother walking with newborn baby in stroller, woman holding soft toy and spend time funny.


How we chose the best car seat stroller combos

For this list, we relied heavily on customer reviews and reached out to several new parents to find out what they loved and found most useful about their travel systems.

These are the car seat stroller combos that made the cut in terms of popularity, ease of use, efficiency, and overall top picks.


Best travel system overall: Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Of all the items you’ll need for baby in the first few years, a car seat and a stroller are undoubtedly some of the most important. They help you get from point A to point B with your little one safely and securely.

They also tend to be some of the more expensive baby items you’ll be purchasing. That’s where a travel system can come in handy.

Safety 1st Travel System is a lightweight, stylish stroller that’s easy to push and turn. This suspension system provides a cushy ride for your child, while the 5-point harness keeps them secure. The seat reclines flat for naps on the go, and the canopy offers added protection from sun and wind.

This travel system includes an infant car seat with Safe Stop technology that will alert you if your baby has been in their car seat too long or if they’re not properly secured in it. It also comes with a parent tray with cupholder
The car seat is made for children from 4 to 35 pounds, and the stroller seat can be used from the time your little one is able to sit up unassisted until they reach 50 pounds.

Dimensions: ‎19.7 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches
Weight limit: 77 pounds

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System


  • large storage basket
  • easy to fold
  • ultraviolet protection factor (UPF)-protectant canopy


  • car seats don’t recline
  • car seats height is limited
  • less sturdy than other systems


Best travel system for infants: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Dimensions: ‎19.8 x 21.7 x 34.3 inches
Weight limit: 35 pounds

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a versatile 3-in-1 stroller that can be used as a single or double stroller. The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System includes the Safemax infant car seat, the SafeMax base, and the Sibby stroller. With a simple click, the Pivot can convert from a single to a double stroller, making it perfect for families with multiple children. The Pivot also features an all-terrain design that makes it perfect for any terrain, and the reversible seat allows your child to face either direction.

The included car seat adapter allows you to easily attach an Evenflo car seat to the stroller, making it the perfect travel. Parents like that the SafeMax infant car seat exceeds industry safety standards with impressive crash testing results and say that the system is easy to assemble.

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System


  • features six convenient modes
  • sturdy wheels
  • ample storage space


  • no one-hand fold
  • sun canopy isn’t full coverage
  • weight limit isn’t as high as competitors


Best car seat stroller combo for travel: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Dimensions: ‎35.2 x 22.8 x 42.7 inches
Weight limit: 50 pounds

This car seat stroller combo is perfect for travel! The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System includes a KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, a stroller frame and a removable bassinet. The KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable while traveling. The stroller frame can be used with or without the car seat, and the removable bassinet is perfect for newborns. This car seat stroller combo is lightweight and easy to fold, so it’s perfect for on-the-go parents.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System


  • comes with removable support cushions
  • one-hand fold design


  • lacking in storage space
  • cup holders aren’t very deep
  • not good for bumpy terrains


Best option for twins: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Dimensions: ‎55 x 26 x 41.3 inches
Weight limit: 80 pounds

The Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is the ultimate in luxury and convenience. This tandem stroller offers the perfect solution for parents of twins or children close in age, with a full-size rear seat that reclines to multiple positions, and a front seat that converts from forward-facing to parent-facing. The stroller easily folds with one hand and has an automatic lock when folded. It also features an adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window, large storage basket, padded carry handles on each side of the frame and integrated child tray for easy access

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller


  • swivel front wheel allows for easy maneuvering
  • handle is height-adjustable
  • features stadium-style seating so both kids have a view


  • some reviewers report wobbly seats
  • heavy to push with two kids


Best budget-friendly travel system: Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

Dimensions: ‎42.5 x 25 x 42 inches
Weight limit: 35 pounds

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System is a great budget-friendly travel system that is perfect for parents on the go. This system includes a stroller and a car seat that are both lightweight and easy to fold and carry. The stroller features a comfortable, padded seat and a large canopy to protect your child from the sun and wind. The car seat is also padded and features a five-point harness system to keep your child safe while traveling.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System


  • multiple recline positions
  • height-adjustable handle
  • two deep cup holders


  • low weight restrictions
  • complaints that the seat is too upright
  • some reviewers have difficulty attaching seats


Best easy-install travel system: Graco Modes Nest Travel System

Dimensions: ‎25.75 x 35.5 x 47 inches
Weight limit: 44 pounds

The Graco Modes Travel System is the ultimate travel system for your growing family. The Graco Modes Travel System includes a lightweight stroller that’s perfect for everyday use, and an infant car seat with a quick click base that attaches easily to the frame. The full-size canopy on the stroller provides extra sun protection while you’re out and about, and when it’s time to get down to business at home, the infant car seat can be removed from its base without waking baby. With the Graco Modes Travel System, you can easily transition.

Graco Modes Nest Travel System


  • easy to use
  • features three different travel modes
  • one-hand folding


  • wheels aren’t fit for rough terrain
  • heavier than other travel systems
  • some reviewers wish seat reclined more


Best for city living: Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base

Dimensions: ‎27.6 x 20.1 x 18.6 inches
Weight limit: 35 pounds

The Doona infant car seats and latch base is the first of its kind. It allows you to keep your child rear-facing for longer than ever before, up to 45 pounds. Not only does it have a higher rear-facing weight limit, but it also has an easy one step installation system that makes getting your child in and out of their car seat safer than ever.

It’s designed with a stroller compatibility feature that allows you to seamlessly transfer your child from their car seat into the stroller without waking them. This is beneficial when you are traveling

Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base


  • compact and easy to fold
  • one single piece instead of two or more
  • convenient for small living spaces


  • heavy
  • not good for rough terrains
  • some reviewers report customer service issues


Best lightweight travel system: BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Dimensions: ‎33 x 23 x 40 inches
Weight limit: 35 pounds

The BRITAX B-Lively Travel System is the perfect lightweight travel system for parents on the go. This travel system comes with the B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat, which has been safety tested and approved by Britax. The car seat features Side Impact Protection and a five-point harness system to keep your child safe and secure while traveling. The B-Lively stroller is also lightweight and easy to fold, making it the perfect choice for parents on the go.

Storage is easy, with just one hand needed to slink it down to a travel-convenient size.

BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat


  • lightweight
  • third wheel allows for maneuverability
  • more durable than competitors


  • lacking in storage
  • folding and storing can be tricky
  • doesn’t come with baby tray


Best 5-in-1 travel system: Maxi-Cosi Zelia²Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System

Dimensions: ‎31 x 31 x 22.44 inches
Weight limit: 50 pounds

The Maxi-Cosi Zelia²Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System is the perfect stroller for busy parents on the go. This versatile system can be used as a single or double stroller, and includes a car seat, bassinet, and toddler seat that can all be used with or without the included adapters. The Zelia²Max also features a reversible seat, adjustable handlebar, and large storage basket, making it easy to take everything you need with you on your travels.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia²Max 5-in-1 Modular Travel System


  • five convenient stroller modes
  • easy to set up and install


  • no snack tray
  • storage is lacking
  • two hands required to fold


Best splurge travel system: UPPAbaby Cruz Performance Travel System

Dimensions: ‎37.5 x 22.75 x 40 inches
Weight limit: 27 pounds

The UPPAbaby Cruz Performance Travel System is the perfect choice for parents looking for a high-end travel system. The stroller features a lightweight frame and a one-handed fold, making it easy to take with you on the go. The included car seat features an energy-absorbing foam liner and a five-point harness for safety, and can be used with or without the base. The Cruz Performance Travel System also includes a rain cover and a bug shield to keep your child safe and comfortable in any weather.



  • stylish
  • multiple configurations
  • ample storage space


  • bulkier than other travel systems
  • not good for rugged terrain


Best Jogging Stroller Travel System: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is perfect for parents on the go. The jogger features a locking swivel wheel for easy maneuvering, parent tray with two cup holders and a covered storage compartment, and a child tray with three cup holders. The car seat has a five-point harness system and EPS energy-absorbing foam for safety.

The jogger also includes a multi-position reclining seat, adjustable canopy, and large storage basket. The car seat accommodates weights up to 30 pounds and heights up to 32 inches.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System


  • Super affordable jogging stroller
  • XL wheels for any terrain
  • Oversized storage basket


You can’t jog with the stroller until your little one can sit up

Dimensions: ‎37.5 x 22.75 x 40 inches
Weight limit: 4 to 30 lbs

Easiest to Fold Travel System: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Travel System – Opulent Black

The aby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Travel System is the easiest to fold travel system in its class. The lightweight aluminum frame folds with just one hand and fits into a convenient carry bag for easy transport. The car seat has an adjustable canopy that provides shade from the sun, while a 5-point harness keeps your little one secure when you are on the go. When it’s time to stroll, the stroller features multi-position reclining seats and an adjustable leg rest to ensure maximum comfort for baby. It also includes an infant head support

The Scoop

  • Includes bestselling stroller
  • Quick and easy one-handed fold
  • Great for urban and suburban families

What Our Experts Say

The City Mini GT2 stroller is a parent favorite and a Babylist bestseller thanks to its agility and its unparalleled one-handed fold. Combine that with a versatile, ultrasafe car seat and you get a travel system that’s tough to top. The GT2’s slim profile and ability to quickly turn corners makes it perfect for crowded city streets as well as suburban sidewalks. With one hand you can quickly whip it closed and carry it up stairs or onto a commuter train no problem— it’s lighter than most full-size strollers. And because of its tight fold, it fits in smaller trunks.

The compatible City GO 2 car seat is just as great. You can safely secure it in a vehicle with or without a base (perfect for taxis or ride shares) and it pops right into the stroller.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller, Opulent Black


light weight, easy to fold feature and comfort.


The storage basket on the stroller is small and tough to reach.

Dimensions: ‎37.5 x 22.75 x 40 inches

Weight limit: 4 to 40 lbs

Car Seat Weight: 10.2 lbs

Car Seat Age Range: 4 to 35 lbs

Stroller Weight: 21.4 lbs

Stroller Age Range: Birth to 40 lbs


Great value for affordable price: Summer Myria Modular Travel System

The summer Myria Modular Travel System is a great value for an affordable price. It includes a stroller, car seat, and base. The stroller is lightweight and folds easily for storage or travel. The car seat is SafeCell Impact Protection and has a harness that can be adjusted to six different heights. The base installs in just 60 seconds with the click of a button and works with both the stroller and the car seat.

It’s similar to Evenflo stroller car seat combo, however it has few different features that distinguish it. This is a handy option for parents on a tight budget.First off, the car seat fits right in the stroller seat making it very easy to convert back and forth. The stroller is also very easy to fold and store. It has an oversized bottom basket for storage that is accessible from both the front and the rear. All around, this stroller is sleek and built for convenience.


The baby seat can be transformed from a car-seat into an expandable bassinet, which is perfect for newborns. You won’t have to store anything in your living space because it offers safe and comfortable room that’s also easy on the eyes!

The reversible seat will come in handy as your child grows and prefers to sit the reversible seat . It also fully detaches, clicks into place with an easy release clip that gives you total control over their posture while driving or anytime else!

Whether you’re using Summer Myria with the main seat or just a frame for your infant car-seat, it’s lightweight and very easy to operate!

Summer Myria Modular Travel System - Seating Options



+ Very lightweight stroller and infant car seat

+ High-quality and low price

+ Super convenient to use and feels really light.

+ Compact

+ on flat grounds works steady

+ Easy to push

+ Main seat turns into bassinet mode for newborn baby

+ storage basket is huge

+ Toddler seat is reversible and detachable It is a luxury in inexpensive strollers


Canopy should be longer

On the handlebar no storage pouches


Baby Trend Go Gear 180 Degree 6in1 Jogger Travel System

My verdict: All-terrain travel system with bassinet option

Baby Trend Go Gear 6-in-1 Jogger Travel System, Black/Grey, 0 Months is the ultimate multi-use travel system. The stroller features a removable infant car seat with an adjustable canopy and sun visor for maximum shade protection. It also includes a parent console with two cup holders and storage compartment to keep your essentials at hand, an easy one-hand fold that locks into place and a large basket underneath to hold all of your baby’s necessities.

The Go Gear Jogger has front swivel wheels that can be locked into

The E-Shift Infant Car Seat is a great buy for parents looking to get their baby started on the right foot with an accident free life. The reversible seat can turn into car mode, meaning you’ll never have trouble finding a place in your luggage or vehicle!

Baby Trend Go Gear 180 Jogger Travel System - one of the best travel systems for 2022 that include an all-terrain stroller


Features that you’re going to love about this travel system car seat:

The Indestructible Child Restorer is an energy absorbing foam that protects the child in case of accident. The seat insert can be removed for smaller babies and there’s also a removable rebound bar to make sure your little one stays safe while they’re napping or playing with friends on roadways!

Baby Trend E-Shift Car Seat


E-Shift is a rear-facing infant car seat, suitable for a baby from 4 to 32 pounds and 32″

The Baby Trend Go Gear 180 is a versatile stroller that can be used for more than just traveling. It includes large pneumatic tires, which make it ultra-smooth on road or even grass; 3 wheeled design makes maneuvering easy and turning corners without losing balance possible due to its locked front wheels! The Go Gear 180 is a bit larger than other strollers but it meets Disneyland requirements!


This baby travel system is the perfect choice for parents who want one stroller that can do it all. It’s also a great option if you live in an area with lots of cracks and crevices on sidewalks, or are more advanced runner looking at something heavier than what this lightweight model Offer s

The Joovy Groove Elite infant carrier fits snuggly into any car seat without worrying about reclining seats complicating things when trying to install your little bundle onto their new ride!

You can take this baby out in public and be discreet! The main stroller seat is suitable from birth, because it converts into a bassinet. You just need to fully recline the chair and undo buckle underneath so your little one has their own comfy place on car ride or walk around town

Once your baby has gained control of their head and neck, you no longer need to use the bassinet mode. You can still move around in multi- Position recline with an adjustable weight limit up until 50 pounds! This seat is also reversible – attach it facing either direction so that they’ll be more curious about what’s going on around them as we walk down any street together


Baby Trend Go Gear 180 Degree travel system seating configurations


The seat converts into a bassinet for newborns, plus it’s reversible

I am so in love with this stroller! One of my favorite things about it is that the canopy can extend further than most other models, which makes me feel like my baby and toddler are safer out there. It’s also really easy to fold up for storage or traveling – just one push of a button on top releases all locks simultaneously making everything folding automatically into place without having any metal parts touching each other (which I find Relaxing!). paired nicely by its black color scheme designed

The Baby Trend Go Gear is a lightweight and compact stroller that can be folded with just one hand. It also operates like dream, making it great for traveling! The features parents want in their travel system are here too – adjustable handlebars so you don’t have to worry about sore muscles after using this thing all day long; cup holder attached at an angle perfect if your little one likes drinking from regular cups as opposed tumblers without handles


The lightweight, durable stroller has all the features you could need. It can be used as a seat for your older child or bassinet when they are still too small to ride facing forward on their own without assistance; then converts into an excellent option that will last them through years of use! The removable rubber tire allows us great mobility over any terrain while providing comfort during those long walks along roadways–it also makes turning easy with just one hand because there’s no mechanism involved like some other models do which require two hands


No good for jogging at higher pace

Big Canopy can be a better option.

Large fold (33.5″ x 25.5″ x 20.5″)


Why to buy this Travel System

This stroller is perfect for those who want to take their baby on an adventure without having too much gear. It has a reversible seat and bassinet, which can be converted into something more comfortable depending upon your needs that day; it also includes cup holders as well as compartments inside the parent console where you will store any snacks or small belongings needed during travel time!


Best Luxury Travel System: Peg Perego Booklet Travel System

The Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. This travel system features a stroller that provides an easy fold, a one-hand release for the car seat, and a 5-point safety harness. The car seat can be adjusted to three different positions for your growing baby. With its large canopy, parent tray with cup holder and child’s snack tray, you will always have everything you need at hand. The ergonomic handlebar features four height adjustments so parents of all sizes can find their perfect fit.

The unique “book-like” mechanism of the Peg Perego Booklet makes it an excellent choice for parents who need to take their little one on vacation or give them some fresh air.

If you’re looking for a handy choice it can handle the obstacles of modern life, then this one is perfect. It has a sturdy suspension and lots of storage room in its durable frame to help make your commute more bearable!

The storage basket under the stroller is not only spacious but also made with your safety in mind. It follows all of those high standards that you would expect to see from a product like this one!

Product Image of the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System, Atmosphere


  • Wheels allow for 360-degree agility
  • One-hand fold is easy
  • sophisticated design.
  • Multi-recline seat keeps the baby comfortable.
  • Can replace the car seat with the stroller seat without the adaptor
  • UPF 50+ visors are good to keep your baby protected.


Best Travel System for Twins: Baby Trend Sit n’ Stand Travel System

Looking for a travel system that can accommodate two babies at the same time? Look no further than the Baby Trend Sit n’ Stand Travel System! This versatile system includes a Sit and Stand stroller, which can be used with or without the included car seat, and a stay-in-car base.

The stroller features a five-point harness system and a canopy with peek-a-boo window and can hold children up to 50 pounds. The car seat accommodates infants from 5 to 30 pounds and features an adjustable harness and EPS energy-absorbing

The Baby Trend Travel System will be a perfect choice for parents who have twins, or two babies close in age. With the twin stroller frame, it’s stylish and practical to travel with your children!

Staggering yet practical, the Baby Trend Stroller offers a comfy ride for your little ones with its ergonomic design and safety features. It can hold up to two children until they’re 35 pounds in weight!

The large size of this stroller makes it easy to assemble into both car seat and stroll modes. Clicking either the seats in or out can be tricky though, so make sure you pay attention!

Product Image of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Lightweight Travel Double Baby Stroller and Ally 35


  • Stylish look, even when you’re traveling with two children.
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quality, durable materials being used.
  • Large size of canopy is suitable for different travel conditions
  • Doona infant car seat Best Compact Travel System
  • View on Amazon View on BuyBuyBaby View on Target For the modern mom, the Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller is more perfect than you can imagine. Exploring your town and the world at large with your little is a simple affair with this convenient choice. The Doona infant car seat and stroller is a popular and innovative choice. Maybe you’re jet setting a few times a year or running errands regularly. Or perhaps you’re simply managing a hectic lifestyle, where you often need to head off to different venues in a short time frame.
  • Thanks to Click Connect technology, transferring between car and stroller is a piece of cake. It is a lightweight infant car seatWell-equipped combo for city dwellers with ultra-lightweight car seat Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System Chicco Mini Bravo Plus is another example of the best travel system for 2022.Chicco KeyFit 30 or 35 infant car seat, which is a truly fantastic infant car seat with a great reputation and track-record for safety, comfort, versatility, ease of use, and style. You can’t go wrong with the KeyFit 30, making this automatically a great option for discerning parents. Second, it includes a quality stroller that uses a lightweight aluminum frame


What to look for in a travel system (car seat)

What should you look out for in a travel system? The car seat, of course! But it’s important to place more emphasis on the stroller when purchasing one. Your child will eventually grow out their first set of wheels and need something that can keep up with them as they get older or bigger – which means checking how strong each part is built before buying any additional parts like handlebar baskets/ storage space underneath seats etcetera

Here are some other factors to consider:

Size and weight

You’ll want a car seat that is lightweight and small enough to fit in your vehicle or stroller. You don’t necessarily need anything too bulky, as it will only weigh you down when carrying! You also don’t want a stroller and car seat that’s too heavy that you’ll have trouble fitting it through small spaces.

Ease of use

The functions of your stroller should be easy and intuitive to use. It’s not just about getting from A-to B, but also having fun with family on the way!


Terrain can make or break your day. A light, easy-to push stroller is great for paved sidewalks and smooth terrain where you may need a little help with keeping things going when there’s no ground underfoot; but if the path gets rockier, then prepare yourself because it will be time to put away those leashes–and sturdy boots!


Frequently asked questions

Are car seat stroller combos safe?

The verdict is car seat stroller combos are safe! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a new report that confirms what we’ve been saying all along that car seat stroller combos are a great way to keep your baby safe when you’re out and about.

The AAP looked at data from over 1,000 accidents and found that using a car seat stroller combo resulted in significantly lower rates of injuries for both the child and the parent.

So why have some people been hesitant to use these products? It likely has to do with a few high-profile cases where car seats weren’t properly secured or failed in an accident. However, those instances are rare and should not dissuade you from using this valuable safety tool.

-Car seat stroller combos can be used for children up to 4 years old, so there’s no need to switch them out into a regular stroller once they start walking on their own. In fact, using a combo until your child is ready for a big kid bike seat will ensure their continued safety while you’re out and about.


Do you need a car seat stroller combo?

Car seat stroller combos are a great way to save space and money. You can use them for newborns and toddlers. car seat stroller combos are available in different sizes and styles. They make traveling with your child easier. -Conclusion paragraph: If you are looking for a car seat stroller combo, be sure to do your research first. Look at the different sizes and styles that are available. Make sure the one you choose will be comfortable for both you and your child.


Is it safe to jog with a car seat stroller combo?

No. Unless a stroller is advertised as a jogging stroller

If you are looking for a safe way to jog with your little one, a car seat stroller combo is the perfect option if that is designed for it. Not only will they be secure in their car seat, but you will also have the convenience of having a stroller to push them around in. Make sure to do your research and find the best car seat stroller combo for your needs.

Possibly, but you’ll need to check the details provided by the manufacturer. Some strollers are compatible with car seats from other brands, depending on the adaptors available.

In the case of many major brands, including Chicco, Graco, and Nuna, there isn’t much flexibility to use their products with those of competing brands. However, Britax strollers, for example, work pretty well with car seats from other brands.


Are Travel Systems Heavy?

Often times they are, and that’s particularly inconvenient if you live in a city and need to move around a lot, sometimes with a folded stroller.

Fortunately, the variety of compact strollers out there means you can get the best of both worlds. There’s a massive range of options and you’ll find some so surprisingly light and compact, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


What Are Some of the Disadvantages of Travel Systems?

Some travel systems are quite heavy and bulky. Also, cheaper options usually compromise key features, and some types might not steer as well as others, or last as long.

Especially if you’re choosing a pricier option, it’s best to keep an eye out for the durability factor. There’s little sense in spending a lot on a travel system if it won’t last long. It’s not just a matter of choosing a decent quality one, since some are only best for newborns and will barely last beyond the first six months.

Since not all travel systems are created equal, our go-to guide gives you everything you need to know to choose one.


How Should I Maintain My Stroller and Car Seat?

Many travel systems come with easily removable fabrics, simplifying the process of washing them. Maintenance will depend on the manufacturer, so make sure to check their instructions.


Will My Baby Wake up When Being Moved From One Part to Another?

Probably not. Unless your baby is a light sleeper, travel systems are designed not to interrupt their rest.


How Do They Work?

Travel systems allow you to use one or more adaptors to alternate between using your car seat and stroller without having to move the baby.

If you already have a car seat that you’d like to continue using day-to-day, but are looking for a new stroller to use as part of a travel system, try to find a compatible brand.

One of the biggest advantages to car seat stroller combos is their convenience. Rather than having two separate pieces or equipment, you can just grab one combo unit and go! This becomes especially helpful if your kids need transport differently–you no longer have worry about lugging around more than what’s necessary with these types of setups because they’re already included in one package deal so it saves space too!.

-The ease of use for car seat strollers is another big selling point. Most models come with an adjustable handlebar and one-handed fold mechanism, which makes them quick to set up or take down!

-Safety: The safety of your little one is assured with this amazing stroller combo. Not only are they convenient and easy to use, but these baby carrier devices also have a tight attachment that ensures nothing will fall off while you’re pushing around!


The price of a car seat stroller combo is usually higher than traditional baby walkers or infant carriers because it includes the chair, which can be expensive on its own. For parents who need all these features though, this may not matter as much!

One of the potential drawbacks to car seat stroller combos is that there aren’t always many options available in terms of style and color. If you’re looking for something specific, it might be difficult finding your perfect match among all those available combinations!

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