Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel


Travelling with a baby can be stressful. You don’t need to pack their entire toy collection! By carefully selecting the best baby travel toys ,just ten items that will keep your little one engaged and entertained while on the go. you won’t have to worry about lugging around an extra suitcase of distractions.

With this approach babies get all they need for enjoyable travels without taking up too much valuable space in your luggage – making it hassle-free fun for everyone! With some epic journeys from Ireland to India and other long haul flights with toddlers and babies under our belt, we have needed to keep our little ones occupied with a variety of baby toys and travel activities. These brilliant baby travel toys are lightweight. They don’t take up much space and are ideal for trains or planes . This is the perfect baby travel toy to keep your baby entertained for the entire flight. If you’re looking for the best baby travel toys to keep your toddler occupied during the flight, look for something with lots of different textures and sounds.

I think it is best to choose the best airplane toys that do not involve screen time. If you are staying in a hotel room, villa, or Airbnb which doesn’t have any toys, bringing a few toys for moments of boredom or quiet time can prove invaluable.

best baby travel toys


Embarking on a daring journey from Ireland to Sydney, my friend and I were accompanied by two small but determined adventurers! Despite an arduous 6-hour flight for each leg of our trip, careful planning ensured that both toddlers stayed entertained throughout. We alternated between their favorite toys, novelties as well as meals and restroom visits – all in pursuit of keeping them happy during the long haul until we reached our final destination. Although sleep was not always possible (our son only slept one hour out of all flights), it gave us peace knowing they had fun no matter what!

Traveling with young children can be a challenge, especially in terms of getting enough sleep! Last month’s long-distance flights had my two kids wide awake for the majority of it.

However, I still managed to make things manageable and even enjoyable by packing some favorite travel toys that kept their minds busy – so if you’re planning on hitting the skies soon with your little ones, here are some tips from me: pick out activities they love, but also don’t forget the power naps – just keep expectations realistic since airplane environments can often be noisy and unfamiliar.

Best Airplane Toys for Babies Babies under 18 months often don’t need much in the way of entertainment besides a food source, maybe a pacifier and some mommy or daddy snuggles. But when you’re taking your little one on a flight, it helps to have a few extra tricks

The Importance of Fine Motor Skills Fine motor skills are making precise movements with your baby’s hands. These skills develop when the baby is still in the womb and throughout life.


Tips For Packing Your Baby’s Toys

With our family’s long journey ahead of us, I wanted to make sure each kid had their own seat and accompanying travel bag. After shopping around, we chose the backpacks , they were a great size for all the essentials and high quality enough to last years! So whether you’re traveling across the country or worldwide, pack these best baby travel toys in your carry-on!

Speaking of packing light toys: when it comes time to fill up those bags, bear in mind that kids’ packs can quickly become quite heavy. We opted out for lap infants on this flight so kept what was allowed at an absolute minimum – but if your child does have their own seat then you may be able to bring along more items (which might prove invaluable during such a lengthy trip!).

When traveling with babies, choosing the right toys can be challenging. To make your life a little easier, I’ve created my top 20 picks for airplane travel! Soft options are great since they take up less space and won’t distract other passengers – plus no sound effects required. You don’t have to pack all of these; 5-6 should give them plenty to keep their attention while flying high in the sky! Toys for toddlers should be slightly more challenging than baby toys. Toddlers love puzzles, building blocks, and anything.


 Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel

1. Tablets

Traveling with young children can be challenging but having tablets on hand makes it a whole lot easier! Our kids’ Amazon Fire Tablets are equipped with individual profiles, enabling us to control which shows they’re allowed to watch. We also download some of their favorite episodes so that when we need a bit of quiet time during our journey, the little ones have something special just for them—and headphones help ensure an enjoyable experience all around!


2. Buckle Toy

My son’s buckle obsession is truly extraordinary! Buckle toys overall are super easy to pack, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and great for fine motor development. At only 1.5 years old, he can take apart and reassemble the Love very Companion Play Kit in no time at all – a full barrel of buckles snuggled together 30 seconds flat!

These toys definitely have our seal of approval; providing not just unbeatable entertainment for kids (of any age), but also helping to build their fine motor skills along the way. This is one of the best toys for the airplane for a one-year-old because it uses limited space and isn’t messy—and they can be used and reused.It’s easy to throw in your diaper bag when you are on the go.

Buckle Toy


3. Pop Its

With a seemingly never-ending range of colors and shapes, pop its are the perfect way to get kids creative juices flowing! Not only can these lightweight fidget toys provide endless hours of entertainment for your little ones but they also aid in developing important fine motor skills.They come in various shapes and colors, so your baby will never get bored and they fit perfectly in your diaper bag

My own children always find something exciting about picking out their very own customizable shape – it could be anything from superheroes to flowers!When it comes to baby toys for airplane rides, it’s no doubt that this one will become a family favorite!This is a great sensory toy.

With an engaging book in hand, you can have a magical journey with your little one! On the plane ride, my youngest was delighted to explore their own world of stories through lift-the-flap books. While it’s great to pick out something familiar and beloved for them to enjoy during the flight, why not try introducing new tales as well? Opening up that flap could lead into some fascinating adventures together!

Pop Its


5. Spinners and Squigz

These are entertaining to attach to the window of the plane or put on the tray table. Your child will likely also enjoy taking them on and off and suctioning them different places so it’s basically a two in one activity!It’s simple yet effective, and it’s perfect for helping babies improve their hand eye coordination while having a lot of fun.

Spinners and Squigz


6. Suction Cup Toys

From about six months to two years old, these bulkier toys offer something special for kids. With multiple types and bright colors available which will be sure to capture your little one’s attention – no screens needed! Not only that but the suction cups make them perfect for those long restaurant waits; you can attach it right on the table top so they stay entertained whilst giving parents a much-needed break (and who said hot food was out of reach?).

Why not take advantage of being in an airplane too? These are a great way to pass time while soaring through the skies without needing technology as part of keeping your child occupied.

Suction Cup Toys


7. Busy Books or Quiet Books or Busy Board

Busy Books – a parent’s trusted friend! At just the right price, these wonderful little books provide parents with endless entertainment for their children on-the-go. With so many options to choose from that are tailored towards your child’s interests and skill level, you will be sure to find something perfect no matter how long or short your journey may be.

To ensure maximum fun during travel time, make sure everything is prepped ahead of time; don’t forget those plastic bags either if there are lot of pieces involved! Trust us when we say our family favourites have been Busy Books in all shapes and sizes since my oldest was 1½ years old–now it’s his younger brother who enjoys them too!

Busy Books or Quiet Books or Busy Board


8. Work Books

I do some pre-k workbooks with my oldest son on a regular basis and through those, I discovered he has an affinity for mazes! So to entertain him on the plane, I packed a workbook from Highlights full of just mazes! It wasn’t his favorite thing we brought with us but it did entertain him for quite some time!

Work Books


9. Water Magic Painting

Little budding Picassos will adore these mess-free painting books! Kids can simply dip their brush in a cup of water instead of fiddling around with filling up pens…plus, it adds to the fun by taking longer for them to complete works of art. Let your little artist’s inner genius shine today – no cleanup required!This is one of the best toys for the airplane for a one-year-old because it uses limited space and isn’t messy—and they can be used and reused.

Water Magic Painting


10. Coloring

Kids love to express themselves through art, and the exciting experience of coloring with magic wonder markers can make any flight an unforgettable journey! Whether you’re crossing oceans or soaring above cities, these special pens promise hours of creative fun for your little one. So don’t forget to add this as a must-have activity on your next flying adventure!

color pencils


11. DIY Snack Tray

I made two of these and packed them for my boys on the first part of our flight. They loved opening and closing the sections and finding the snacks they were looking for. I will say, though, that they were most interested in the sweets and tended to leave behind the savory items. So if you do make these, consider having it as a “treat” instead of a meal.

I used monthly pill organizers to do this but if you have concerns about your child confusing this with medication, do not use these kinds of containers. I packed them loads of our favorite snacks from Thrive Market (40% off your first order).

DIY Snack Tray


12. DIY Sensory Bin with Play Dough

Surprise your little one with a DIY sensory bin packed full of play dough and fun items they can explore! You don’t need to spend money or go out – just grab some materials from around the house that won’t make too much of a mess, like small objects for them to manipulate. It’s sure to provide hours of entertainment as well as an opportunity for hands-on learning! This is the perfect toy to keep your baby entertained for the entire flight.

DIY Sensory Bin with Play Dough


13. Magnetic Puzzle

For kids who love puzzles, a two-in-one magnetic option can be the perfect travel companion! Not only is it sure to keep them engaged for hours but its compact size means you don’t have to sacrifice any other essentials. Make sure your child gets one that suits their interests and fits in their backpack – otherwise they may end up with some extra baggage!

Magnetic Puzzle


14. Magnetic Tracing Maze or Magnetic Drawing Boards

What’s the perfect activity for long car rides with young children? Our family found it in these travel-friendly, lightweight writing boards. Not only do they offer pre-writing development and hand strength – but also provide a screen alternative to keep your little one entertained! We were pleasantly surprised at how much our preschooler enjoyed their special board; creating an instant fan of road trips everywhere! My littlest in his car seat on the plane.

magnetic maze


15. Sensory Books

Unleash your little one’s inner explorer with sensory books! These lightweight, chewable activity books are sure to capture their attention – perfect for exploring on-the-go. With affordable designs and fun activities designed especially for 4-8 month old children, they make the ideal travel companion – great in a car seat or stroller. Get ready… adventure awaits!

Sensory Books


16. “I Spy” Books

For the inquisitive and curious young minds, explore an exciting world of hidden items with ‘I Spy’! Whether searching through mysterious books or while on a family adventure – this classic game always manages to keep little ones entertained. Provide your 3-5 year old with hours of stimulating entertainment from discovering all that ‘I Spy’ has to offer!

I Spy Books


17. Tiny Cars

Wherever my family goes, our babies’ wild imaginations come along for the ride! Thanks to a fleet of tiny cars tucked away in various bags. Not only that – every car also has full crews composed entirely out of finger puppets – ready to zoom off on any and all adventures their hearts desire. This baby travel toy for the car is an ideal baby car seat toy for those long road trips. These travel toys for babies on planes will keep your baby occupied and don’t have any sounds to annoy other passengers.

Tiny Cars


18. Sticker Books

Embark on your next several adventures with a fun crafting companion that is sure to spark creativity, travel-sized sticker books! Hours of imaginative entertainment are within reach as kids craft their own stories and design scenery right at home or away.

And, since these pint sized delights can easily fit in any backpack, everybody’s smiles will last just as long!All of my nieces and nephews had these, and it was one of their favorite travel toys not only for family travel on a plane but also perfect for car rides.

Sticker Books


19. Teethers

Flying can be a challenge for parents of young babies. To make it easier, pack along some special teethers and chew toys to keep your little one entertained during the flight . They’ll help ease any discomfort caused by air pressure or temperature changes!

Teething babies will love having these and the chewing motion can be helpful for landing and take off when they need their ears to pop. Teethers Having a teething toy packed for your plane ride is a must-have for young children. They’re easy to clean and won’t take up too much space in your travel bag!

Babies enjoy putting objects in their mouths, so make sure that any baby toys you give them is safe to chew on. Teethers are also a perfect baby toy for soothing sore gums during take-off, landing, and turbulence. They work brilliantly on airline bassinets so are ideal to bring along as part of your airplane travel toys and are ideal for travel car seats too, making them versatile and one of the best travel baby toys .



20. Your Child’s FAVORITE Toy

When it comes to the long and sometimes dull hours of a plane-trip, one travel essential is always sure to bring comfort and joy. Your child’s most beloved toy! Even though there are many great toys fit for airplane adventure, nothing can quite replace that special thing from home. Make lasting memories on board by packing an old friend ,like their favorite stuffed animal or plushie companion.


In Summary: Best Baby Toys For Airplane Travel

Making a trip with the family can be so much fun! To make sure your little ones stay entertained and having an adventure as well, I’ve come up with some great toy ideas that you can pack for those long airplane rides. So when planning your baby’s next trip, pack these airplane toys for babies under one .Don’t forget to share any other suggestions in the comments; we’d love to hear them!

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