Best Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies


Bottles will help your breastfed babies have a smooth  transition between breast and bottle.

The bond that breastfeeding creates between mother and baby is one of the most powerful feelings in life!

Are you a new mum struggling to find the best bottle for your  baby?

You’re not alone. It can be tricky to figure out what’s best for bubs when it comes to bottles and teats. But don’t worry,

We’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll share our top picks for the best bottles for breastfed babies. So read on for all the info you need to make the right choice for your little one!

Best Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies


When to Introduce a Bottle to a Breastfed Baby

It’s best to wait until your baby is at least 4 weeks old before introducing a bottle. Before that, babies typically haven’t developed the coordination necessary to suck from a bottle. If you wait too long to introduce a bottle, your baby may refuse it altogether. Look for signs that your baby is ready, such as restlessness during feeding or interest in what others are drinking from a bottle.


How to Introduce a Bottle to your Baby

Introducing a bottle to a baby can be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to start is by finding the right bottle.

Once you have the right bottle, it’s time to start introducing it to your baby. The best way to do this is by using what’s called paced bottle feeding

This means holding the bottle at the same angle as you would breastfeed and allowing your baby to control the flow of milk. This will help your baby go at their own pace and avoid overfeeding.


 Hold the baby Upright

Any parent will tell you that feeding a baby takes a lot of patience and even more practice. But once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty simple. The best way to hold a bottle for a breastfed baby is in the upright position. This allows the baby to control the flow of milk, which minimises air bubbles and helps to prevent colic

How to Introduce a Bottle to your Baby


Paced feeding

Paced feeding is the best way to bottle feed your breastfed baby. It simulates the natural feeding pattern that babies are used to when breastfeeding. When you pace feed, you hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and allow the baby to control the flow of milk. This means that the baby has to work a little bit harder to get the milk, which mimics the breastfeeding experience. As a result, paced feeding can help to reduce nipple confusion and encourage babies to latch on the soft nipple correctly when breastfeeding.


Set the stage for success.

It’s best to start thinking about what kind of bottle you want to use for your breastfed baby before they’re born. That way, you’ll be all set up for success when the time comes.


Use slow flow nipple

When it comes to feeding your baby, it’s best to start slow. If you’re breast-feeding, offer your baby the breast for about 10 minutes before moving on to the next breast. If you’re using a bottle, start with just a few drops of formula. You can always give your baby more if he or she is still hungry.


 Trial and Error method.

Trying different bottles with your breastfed baby can be frustrating, but it’s important to find one that works best for both of you. . You may have to try a few before you find the perfect fit. Keep in mind that every baby is different, so what works for one may not work for another. If you’re having trouble finding the best bottles, talk to your doctor or a lactation consultant for help.


Consistency is key

When it comes to feeding your baby, consistency is key. Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, it is important to find a method that works best for you and stick with it. This will help your baby to get the nutrients they need and will also make life easier for you.


Important Bottle Features for Breastfeeding Babies

Nipple flow

Look for the best bottles that feature slow-flow nipples. These are designed to mimic the flow of breast milk, making it easier for your baby to transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Additionally, slow-flow nipples can help to reduce the risk of colic, as they prevent your baby from swallowing too much air.



Soft and wide nipples

The best  bottles for breastfed babies feature wide, soft nipples that are similar to the nipple of a mother’s breast. This makes it easier for the baby to latch on and also prevents nipple confusion. Nipple confusion can cause a baby to become confused about how to latch on to a mother’s breast and can impede their ability to breastfeed successfully.


Anti-gas controls

Any mother who has breastfed knows that gas can be a big problem for babies. Fortunately, there are now bottles on the market that are specifically designed to reduce gas. These baby bottles have special vents that allow air to escape, without disturbing the flow of milk. As a result, babies are less likely to swallow air, and they are less likely to experience colic.


Your baby’s preferences

First and foremost, you’ll want to find the baby bottles that your baby is comfortable with. Some babies prefer a certain type of nipple, while others prefer a particular shape or size. You may need to experiment with different baby bottles until you find the one that’s just right for your little one.


Easy to clean

You’ll also want to make sure that the bottle you choose is easy to clean. Breast milk is packed with nutrients that are essential for your baby’s health, so it’s important to choose the baby bottles that can be washed thoroughly. Look for bottles with wide necks and detachable parts that can be cleaned easily by hand or in the dishwasher.


Durable and leak-proof

You’ll want to make sure that the bottles for breastfed babies are  durable and leak-proof. Baby bottles are put through a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important to choose one that will stand up to repeated use. Look for bottles made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. With a little careful selection, you can find the perfect bottle for your breastfed baby.


What’s the Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies?

Playtex Nurser Bottle Gift Set

Playtex Nurser Bottle Gift Set is the perfect way to introduce your breastfed baby to bottle feeding. The pre-sterilized disposable liners make it easy to use and keep clean. The soft, silicone nipples are designed to mimic the feel of breastfeeding and help reduce nipple confusion. Plus, the anti-colic vent system helps prevent gas and spit-up.




Boon Nursh bottles

Looking for the best bottle for breast-fed babies? Look no further than Boon Nursh! This innovative baby bottle was designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience as closely as possible, making it a favourite among moms and babies alike. Nursh’s unique angled nipple allows your baby to latch on easily and comfortably, while the soft silicone material feels natural against their skin. And thanks to Boon’s patented venting system, your little one will never have to deal with gas or colic again. Milkflow through these bottles is excellent. So ditch those traditional glass bottle and switch to Boon Nursh for a feeding experience.


Natural Feel baby bottles

Natural Feel baby bottles were designed to help eliminate nipple confusion. The wide nipple base mimics the breast, which helps babies transition easily from breast to bottle. It also has a gentle milk flow that is similar to breastfeeding, making it easy for babies to feed without gagging or choking.

The anti-colic valve prevents air bubbles getting into the baby’s mouth and  mixing with the milk so your baby won’t suffer from gas pains. This feature also allows you to store more milk in the bottle, since you don’t have to worry about wasted space due to air.


Lansinoh Momma feeding bottle

Looking for the best bottle for breastfed babies? Look no further than Lansinoh Momma! Our award-winning feeding bottles are designed to mimic the natural feel and flow of breastfeeding, soft nipples make them the perfect choice for mums who want to continue breastfeeding. Made from BPA-free materials, our bottles are also safe for both mom and baby. Plus, our unique Smart Vent technology ensures that your baby’s milk remains fresh and free of gas and bubbles.These anti colic baby bottles can be an absolute choice for your baby!

So why wait? Order your Lansinoh Momma feeding bottle today!

The NANOBEBE baby bottle starter kit for breastfed babies.

The NANOBEBE baby bottle starter kit is a perfect gift for new parents. It comes with everything you need to start feeding your baby the formula. The NANOBEBE system uses the same nipple as an ordinary baby bottle, so transitioning between bottles and breast is easy. Also included in this starter kit are two NANOBEBE nipples that have been developed specifically for newborns and infants who are just beginning to eat solid foods.

Nanobebe features:

– No more colic! Nanobebe has a unique


The Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle Gift

The Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle Gift Set is the perfect gift for a new baby. It has everything you need to get started with bottle feeding. The 4-ounce, 9-ounce and 18-ounce bottles are made of 100% BPA free, food grade silicone. These bottles are leak proof and have a unique anti colic valve that prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the nipple creating a vacuum effect which can cause gas and fussiness in babies. The Natural Flow newborn milk storage bags will allow you to store up to 8 ounces of pumped breast milk or formula.


MEDELA Breastmilk Bottles are the best bottles for breastfed babies.

The patented nipple is designed to be soft and flexible, this bottle nipple moves with your baby’s natural feeding action. The wide base and deep funnel shape help reduce air intake, which can cause colic.

All parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Bottles can be sterilised in a microwave or steam steriliser. They come with an anti-colic vent system that works with most breast pumps.


Tommee Tippee’s Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles

Tommee Tippee’s Advanced Anti-Colic Bottles are the best bottles for breastfed babies. The unique, twin valve design allows air to enter the bottle through the teat instead of your baby’s nose, which helps to reduce colic and gas. The soft, silicone bottle nipple  feels like mom’s breast and is designed to help your baby latch on correctly. The bottles are also made from BPA-free materials and are dishwasher safe.

The Evenflo Feeding Bottle

The Evenflo Feeding Bottles are the best bottles for breastfed babies. The angled nipple mimics the natural position of a mother’s breast, and the unique valve system allows the slow flow for uninterrupted feeding and reduces colic. The soft silicone nipple feels like mom’s skin, and the wide neck makes it easy to clean. The BPA-free bottle is available in a variety of sizes to meet your baby’s needs.

Playtex Baby Ventaire Bottle

Playtex Ventaire bottles are designed to help reduce colic and gas in breastfed babies. The unique angled design allows milk to  flow smoothly into the nipple, mimicking the natural breastfeeding position. And the soft, silicone nipple is shaped like a mother’s breast, which enhances the slow flow mechanism, making it easy for your baby to latch on. Plus, the wide-base bottle design helps prevent spills and makes cleaning a breeze. So you can focus on what’s important – bonding with your new little one.


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